Welcome to Hoopeston, Illinois.    

Welcome to Hoopeston, Illinois

The City of Hoopeston is situated in the heart of the Corn Belt, offering a fantastic mix of big city opportunity along with the peace of mind that comes from rural living. Home of the popular annual National Sweet Corn Festival, Hoopeston offers its citizens a multitude of clubs, organizations and local events, all embedded in the traditional friendly and outgoing Midwestern hospitality.

Settled in May 1871 at the crossroads of two railroad lines, Hoopeston quickly grew into a bustling prairie town. Attracted by the rich farmland and easy access to the railroads, canning factories were quickly established to process locally grown crops, with new industries transforming Hoopeston into a thriving industrial community.

With the decline of manufacturing in the last decade, and several regional plants electing to relocate offshore, Hoopeston has found itself at new crossroads. Preserving its heritage as a community of strong faiths, work ethics and thriving businesses, citizens of Hoopeston continue to work together for the betterment of all residents. Featuring a unique blend of economic opportunity, metropolitan services, and access to an ample skilled workforce, Hoopeston is most certainly a city with a future.


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