Seasonal Events

Throughout the year Hoopeston and Vermilion County host a wide variety of festivals, fairs and community events, including the very popular National Sweetcorn Festival and National SweetHeart Pageant. Hoopeston is also an avid supporter of the Farm Progress Show, which has recently made a permanent relocation to our neighboring community of Henning.

National Sweetcorn Festival

The National Sweetcorn Festival was created in 1941 following the success of the original Hoopeston Sweetcorn Festival started in 1938 by local businessmen. For sixty years since, the festival has attracted tens of thousands of visitors every year to a truly unique event that features carnivals, a demolition derby, Grand Parade, Monster Truck show, and a variety of other events. Each year the organizers also cook approximately 50 tons of Sweetcorn with an antique steam engine and distribute the sweetcorn free.

National Sweetheart Pageant

Part of the Sweetcorn Festival has always included the National Sweetheart Pageant, a local event running successfully since 1941. Beautiful and talented girls from all over America come to Hoopeston each year to represent their respective states and compete for the title of Miss National Sweetheart. Since 1970, the National Sweetheart Pageant has produced eight Miss America winners, including Pam Eldred 1970, Rebecca King 1974, Grace E. Ward 1982, Debrah L. Turner 1989, Carolyn Snapp 1992, Leanza Cornett 1993, Tara Dawn Holland 1996, and Katie Marie Harman 2002.

Farm Progress Show

The City of Hoopeston welcomes the Farm Progress Show to its new location in nearby Henning to continue a tradition long enriched in leadership within the agricultural community. Top agribusinesses from across the country will gather in 2003 for demonstrations over literally hundreds of acres of farmland to showcase the latest in technology and genetics. Equipment manufacturers and seed companies will provide ongoing demonstrations at the Farm Progress Show, in an event that has served as the model for most successful farm shows in the United States and throughout the world.


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