Business Incentives

We can provide a variety of building incentives, relocation support, and other administrative and networking assistance. Please contact us today so we can best discuss your organizational needs.

Tax Incremental Financing (TIF)

Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) can help a municipality undertake a public project to simulate beneficial development or renewal that would otherwise not occur. The City of Hoopeston has a full TIF program to help finance local economic development projects in underdeveloped and distressed areas.

Revolving Loan Fund

The City of Hoopeston Revolving Loan Fund was originally provided by the Department of Commerce and Community Affairs to help stimulate renewed opportunity and growth planning in the local area. Introduced as a community development assistance program, the loan fund can provide funding for new staff if an organization has been turned down by a bank in full or partially.

Transitional Assistance & Employee Relocation Programs

For companies considering relocation or expansion of commercial plants to the Hoopeston area, we provide transitional assistance and employee relocation programs to help ensure your relocation is smooth and efficient. We can also provide recommendations and direct introductions to local and regional real estate firms, assisting you with available property lists, community profiles, and special needs assistance.


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