Major Projects

The City of Hoopeston and leaders of the community are actively involved in many new projects designed to add growth and opportunity for the future. If you have a suggestion or idea that could help Hoopeston "keep a great thing growing", please contact us today. We would love to hear from you.

Hoopeston Industrial Corporation

The Hoopeston Industrial Corporation features nearly forty acres of prime development ground for industrial use located near a major railway for transportation convenience. Zoning for the land is flexible, and currently includes business, industrial and light industrial. The City of Hoopeston features workforce training programs, incentive programs, TIF, ease of permitting process, and business-friendly government officials to help maximize new business introduction to the HIC Industrial park. Contact us today for more information on site availability and building specifications.

Residential Development Park

Hoopeston is pleased to be the location of a new residential subdivision featuring quality housing in an ideal location. Extending across 63 acres with a planned 120 homes, the land for this future location has been formally annexed into the city and development plans for the first 10 acres / 20 homes are underway. For working or retired families that purchase a land lot, a considerable rebate is available if the house is built and occupied within twelve months of the original purchase date. Contact us today for more information on site availability and building specifications.

Soccer Field / Sports Complex

The Hoopeston Regional Soccer Complex is a new project that will oversee the construction of five new soccer fields, concession stands and parking lot that will serve the greater Vermilion and Iroquois County areas. The site is being developed to entice leagues from Danville, Watseka, Milford and other surrounding communities to hold regional playoffs at the Hoopeston Complex. The Sports Complex will also serve as a practice area for local Hoopeston grade school teams, which features 122 students who actively play each and every week.

Route 1 & Route 9 Corner Improvements

The corner of Route 1 and Route 9 is currently undergoing major development as a key strategic asset due to high visitor traffic volume and consumer accessibility. Site renovation also includes the development and construction of a new CVS, as well as the planned future location of a hotel, conference center and quality restaurant.


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