Welcome to Hoopeston!

Welcome to our great City of Hoopeston, Illinois.

We believe that when you have a dedicated group of people working together to make a city a better place, great things are sure to happen. Our City of Hoopeston Welcoming Committee takes pride in helping you get the information or assistance you need regarding relocation and business opportunities in our wonderful home.

For more information on any subject, to arrange a friendly host for an upcoming visit, or to request assistance with any matter, please contact us today.

2003 Welcome Committee

Chalmers Flint, Mayor - City of Hoopeston

Bill Goodwine, Alderman - City of Hoopeston

Mark Conolly, Superintendent - Hoopeston Area School District

Mike Pemberton, President - State Farm Insurance of Hoopeston

Lourdine Florek, President - Visioning Committee

Jean Minick, Secretary - Hoopeston Industrial Corporation

Robert Davis, Technology Services - City of Hoopeston


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